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Our Community

While Terre Haute, Indiana is the community we live in, The entire Wabash Valley is the Community we service. 


We are very proud sponsors of The Terre Haute Boys and Girls club.

We do our best to use locally owned and operated small businesses within a 50 mile radius of our home location. That means stronger relationships that help get the job done. We'll do our best to keep your hard earned money in places that will benefit Our Community. 

Check out a few things that we have planned for 2020!



We officially have a Snapchat! 


This is where we take photos and videos of our everyday activities. Whether we're pouring concrete, laying pavers, building a deck, or at an educational event, this is where you can keep up with our daily activities.


Our Instagram page will be filling up with all kinds of projects. All of the work on this platform isn't necessarily ours, but projects that we thought were cool and things that we would like to do. Check us out at leisure_escapes or just click the link at the bottom of the page.


This is where we post all of OUR work and where we connect the most with our customers and friends. Go check us out and make sure to like and follow our page at @realleisureescapes on Facebook.

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